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VALENCIA JAMES (BB) Valencia James is a Barbadian freelance performer, maker and researcher interested in the intersection between dance, theatre, technology and activism. She believes in the responsibility of artists to reflect socio-political issues and in the power of the arts to inspire change. She holds a BA in Modern Dance from the Hungarian Dance Academy and has worked with choreographers such as Yvette Bozsik, Kata Juhasz, Zoltan Grecso, Rita Gobi, Réka Szabo and Nina Kov. In 2012 Valencia was invited by Wim Vandekeybus to participate in his research program at the world-renown Ultima Vez Dance Company in Brussels. Valencia won the 2014 Viktor Fulop and danceWEB Scholarships, with which she was able to study at the ImpulsTanz Festival for Contemporary Dance in Vienna that year. Valencia has performed widely in Hungary, Romania, France, Israel, Sweden, Argentina, and Canada.

ALEXANDER BERMAN (SE) Swedish research engineer and software developer within industry and academia, Alexander Berman has developed and studied spoken dialogue interfaces for vehicles, toys and intelligent homes. He is interested in exploring sound, music, language, the brain and other complex systems by creating artworks, computer simulations and new forms of interaction. As a founding member of Dånk! collective, he has organized workshops and other events in the overlaps of art and technology. He performs also live audiovisually and has released music on various small labels under the moniker Nim. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Cognitive Science from Göteborg University, and a Master of Science in Art and Technology from Chalmers University of Technology.

BOTOND BOGNÁR (HU) Hungarian serial entrepreneur and angel investor who also has 20+ years experience in the real-estate industry. His main focus, be it creating city centers or inspirational interiors, is to intertwine various disciplines in order to create loveable spaces. Since 2012 he spent significant time in Silicon Valley, he was the Ambassador of Singularity University to Hungary (2013-2016), the co-founder of Singularity University's Summit Europe and the co-director of the Budapest edition held in 2013. During the last years his attention turned first to Virtual Reality, and later to Augmented Reality in order to conclude, that Mixed Reality will be the next realm of computation and his main professional focus.

XORXOR (HU) is a small team of Hungarian engineers and designers. They make art-and-technology installations, interactive projections for dance and theatrical performances, design and code programs through collaboration of artists and engineers. Their focus area lies in the intersection of art and technology, by which they are exploring the cultural and aesthetic implications of computation.

PETRA ARDAI (HU) general advisor, dramaturge
Petra Ardai is the founder and artistic director of Amsterdam based SPACE theatre group. She graduated from the mime-department of the Amsterdam School for the Arts and followed DasArts, the post-academic school for performing artists. With her internationally operating performance group she makes documentary theatre and installations. Playing on and exploring the margins of fiction and reality, the constants that define SPACE are the theme of identity, the interactive role of the audience and the site and culture-specific tailoring of scenarios to individual locations.

LINNEA BÅGANDER (SE) set and costume design

Linnea Bågander is a PhD student at the Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås. The focus of her work is materialized movement of the body as expression in fashion design. During her bachelor program she quickly found an interest in fashion used for performances and dance. Before starting her PhD program she has been working with films, dance performances and art installations.

TANJA RUEHL (DE) lighting design

Tanja Ruehl was born and resides in Germany. She began her theatrical engineering apprenticeship in 1999 at the Frankfurt Opera House. After completing her studies with a distinction, Tanja joined Ballet Frankfurt under the artistic direction of William Forsythe. She used to be the lighting designer of Forsythe Company between 2007 and 2014. As a freelance artist, she is working in performing arts and collaborating with choreographers, companies and artists around the globe.

SCOTT CAZAN (USA) composer

Scott Cazan is a Los Angeles based composer, performer, creative coder, and sound artist working in fields such as experimental electronic music, sound installation, chamber music, and software art where he explores cybernetics, aesthetic computing, and emergent forms resulting from human interactions with technology. His work often involves the use of feedback networks where misunderstanding and chaotic elements act as a catalyst for emergent forms in art and music. He has performed and received numerous commissions with international organizations. He is currently a special faculty member of the California Institute of the Arts where he teaches topics on the intersections between art and electronics.

NINA KOV (HU) choreographic consultant

Nina Kov is a choreographer, dancer and researcher based in London and Budapest. Nina’s works explore the possibilities of expression of the unconscious within dance, movement and technology. She studied at Rosella Hightower’s school in Cannes, was a member of dance theatre company Artus in Hungary and worked freelance before completing her MA in Choreography at Laban, London in 2009. Her research interests include human-machine choreographic interactions, exploring the dichotomic fear/hope relationship with technology, dance for machines and objects, physical communication with unmanned aerial vehicles. In the recent years she has been developing Dancing with Drones project, the first ever human-drone aerial group dance production and she made the choreography of the Oscar winner Hungarian short film SING.


She’s graduated from classical ballet and modern dancer pedagogy at the Hungarian Dance Academy and studied at Codarts Rotterdam Dance Academy. She is currently a dancer of Street Art Project Performances, Zero Ballet and Hungarian State Opera House. In 2013 she received a scholarship from the Budapest Dance Theater. Among international productions, she works regularly with choreographers József Hámor, Csilla Nagy and Anna Réti.

NEA LANDIN (SE) performer
Nea Landin graduated from The Professional Dancers Program at The Ballet Acadamy in Stockholm, in 2015. She’s been part of the modern youth company ilYoung, led by Lee Brummer and Israel Aloni (ilDance) and has also done projects at the Gothenburg Opera as well as performance art, musicals, music videos and TV. Latest she worked with Toby Kassell and Ingeborg Zackariassen in the modern piece Transition, premiering in Sweden early 2017.


Let it Be! art agency is developing new interdisciplinary forms of co-operation between different areas of art and creative industries by exploring possibilities in innovative collaborations. The agency is engaged in managing and initiating cross media and urban city projects which focus on new synergies of art and technology.

Supported by: Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Swedish Arts Council, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Life Long Burning, European Commission Culture Program, EMMI, NKA

Co-producer: Scene44, n + n Corsino, Marseille, 3:e Våningen

Partner: Workshop Foundation